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Aria’s birth story

It happens every day. All over the world. To every kind of woman, different races, ages, religions.

And yet every birth is uniquely magical.

Aria was born a cold and grey, yet beautiful January winter’s afternoon at Derby Royal Infirmary.

I met Charlie and Martin in August after they enquired through my website about birth photography for their second child. They came along to my house with 1 year old Isaac in tow, who played beautifully with my own 1 year old Theo. A wonderfully thoughtful and caring little boy. I was tempted to ask if they wanted to swap!

I was instantly in awe at the connection between this family of 3. Smiling, calm, peaceful, quietly compassionate to each other with little touches and glances that shared a thousand knowing emotions. You could sense a strong connection between Charlie and Martin, which filtered down into their bond with Isaac and the baby to be. This was a strong, secure family. It felt as if this young family had a bond that was centuries old. As if they had all been together in a previous life.

As we chatted I discovered that the gender of baby number 2 was to be a surprise. Having Isaac already it would be great to have a little brother for him, a best friend, but if they had a girl they would have 1 of each. Either way, they would still have their perfect family. But I noted that 'at least this gives you a big incentive to push!'.

And Charlie did push! Charlie had a sweep on her due date, and then after a slow start that required help with Pitocin that baby came flying out the very next day!

Charlie had a dream birth.

A natural birth.

Her only pain relief was gas and air.

No stitches.

Straight to the breast and feeding like a pro.

And sent Martin straight to Costa for a coffee!

Charlie was inspirational.

In the hospital room there was a peaceful calm and quietness. This beautiful baby girl had entered the world, with a mass of beautiful dark hair. Only the student doctor was an emotional wreck! Martin was beaming from ear to ear, already commenting on the boyfriends she definitely wouldn't be bringing home! Aria was staring intently at her mother, she definitely knew her. You could feel the bond. You could see the glow between them.

As I left the hospital I wished them all the luck in the world. They didn't need it. I know this family will be just fine.

When thinking back to Charlie, Martin, Isaac and Aria's story, I can't help but be eternally grateful that they let me in to experience this precious time with them. They showed me that family love does still exist in it's purest form, despite this uncertain world Aria has now joined. A simple love. A pure love. An undeniable love. The love between family.

Charlie sent me a text message recently that simply said, ‘I’ve not stopped grinning yet’. Neither have I.

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