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Birth photography isn't really a big thing here in the UK, but in America it is as common as having a photographer at your wedding. 

Two of the most important events in your life. Why would you document one but not the other?

At your wedding you are photograph ready. Hair. Makeup Dress. You are prepared. 

In comparison at your birth you are at your most vulnerable. You can prepare but you can't predict what will happen. Yet you are performing the greatest act of your life. Bringing life into the world. You are at your most vulnerable and yet your most strongest moment.

I can't remember giving birth to my own child. And every day the memories fade. It is my biggest regret not documenting my finest hour.

I don't recall the details. And this truly makes me sad. 

So, let me record them for you. 

Birth photography is an investment in your memories. Your finest moment. The first breath of your child. The cutting of the cord. The photos will be kept for many generations to come. You will talk about your memories to your child and your grandchildren. Your investment will last forever. 

I will not interfere in your birth, I will be in the background capturing your family story. The emotions, the glances, the touches, the details. I will be as invisible as possible as I capture the best moment of your life.

If you would like to discuss the details please feel free to send me a text, email, or phone me or send me a message through my contact page.

In the meantime please have a look through my birth photography gallery, or download my birth photography guide. 

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